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Eileen Bach-y-Rita reviews


Ruth Hetzel, Evanston, Il.

I recently purchased a set of your tapes and am enjoying them very much. They are easy to follow, have clear instructions and are very effective. I have a Yoga center and would like to offer these tapes for sale to my classes…

Margaret M., Eugene, Or.

Thank God for these tapes. My husband and I do these every day. My back is straightening up after being round for decades and after having a diagnosis of osteoporosis. My husband’s back pain is virtually gone.

Johan Mares, San Francisco, Ca.

Recently I purchased three sets of your Feldenkrais® tapes at the Whole Life Expo in San Francisco. I’m very pleased with the results after only a couple of sessions. The exercises are very easy and comfortable and I’ve definitely noticed a lessening of tension in my neck and upper back.

L. Peterson, M.C.

I received all the tapes very promptly…I look forward to continued use myself. If you make anything more, please let me know.

Robert H. Kroner, PT

I am a physical therapist and first became interested in the Feldenkrais® Method during a weekend course last year. I had the opportunity to use “Your Back and Neck” tape with my wife who was suffering with a cervical and shoulder pain. She had not responded to traditional physical therapy. Medication and injection by an orthopedic surgeon gave only temporary relief. She improved after a week of using your tape and has had only minimal problems since.

D. Prescher-Hughes, Denver, CO

I thought to myself, “I have been suckered. I am paying all this money to do this and I don’t believe it will work for a moment.” Last November, I bent over to make my bed and knew immediately that my back ‘went out’. My history with severe episodes of back pain dates back 20 years–two of which landed me in the hospital on a morphine drip and in traction–and so I feared another prolonged episode of debilitating back pain. I sought out chiropractic care but three days later the intensity of the pain still left me unable to stand up straight. My son suggested that I receive a massage and so I scheduled with Evangeline Bratt. I received a wonderful session but the pain was unrelenting. Evangeline suggested Feldenkrais®. I had missed the past three days of my work as a nurse of ontology and thought it was worth a try. While in session, laying on the floor, I thought to myself, “I have been suckered. I am paying all this money to do this and I don’t believe it will work for a moment.” I had always thought that for visualization or any other alternative therapy to work, you had to believe it would. I stood up after going through the first tape and didn’t feel any better. Two hours later; however, I was standing up straight, pain free! When I returned to the chiropractor, he didn’t even need to adjust me. I returned to work without difficulty. I sometimes find myself hesitant when speaking within the medical community about Feldenkrais® (they’ll think I “jumped off the deep end”) but I cannot dispute the fact that I was better within two hours of one session. Was it the Feldenkrais® alone? I can’t answer that. Would I do it all over again, you bet! Would I recommend it to my friends and patients, most certainly!

M. Lassey

Your tapes are exceptionally produced, and your voice, Eileen, is very special, wonderful to listen to, and healing.

A. Marques-Christopher

I have rheumatism in my neck following a serious accident. I was amazed at the incredible difference of movement after doing only the first one half hour movement sequence. I could move my neck with ease, comfort, and flexibility.

C. Guss, 76, Los Angeles, CA

You may recall that when we met I had been suffering from chronic back pain for more than 50 years. From the start no surgeon wanted to operate on me because my problem was ‘too complicated’. Over the years I’ve been involved in a number of different therapies. Somehow they seem cumulatively to have contributed to my survival. In addition to the back, I have also developed severe neck pain during the past ten or more years. This has been attributed to “several bad cervical discs”. About a year ago the neck pain became persistent. The pain continued with no let-up through several different therapies. I could almost never sleep without wearing a surgical collar, either soft or hard. That problem had been continuing for about seven months when I met you last April. When I began doing the Feldenkrais® neck tapes there was a noticeable improvement almost immediately. After four months of daily work with the neck tapes, the pain was finally gone. There are still occasional twinges but they go away when I return to the neck tapes. My back has been noticeably improved as well. I am now in my seventies. I sit with contemporary friends who are just beginning to experience the pains and disabilities of “aging”. They are often angry and resentful about these changes in their bodies. I’m trying to tell them about Feldenkrais®. As you said on one of the tapes, I have discovered possibilities in my body which I never imagined to be possible. Many thanks.

S. Spivey

Your tapes have been so important to me and I feel that they have been the major reason that I rarely have back discomfort. Whenever I put on a tape I am assured that I will feel like a new and revitalized person by the end of the tape…Doing the tapes is a constant education and awareness about how it all works together.

C. Borchers, Germany

After working with you for two weeks, I am feeling strong, healthy and wonderful. I discover lots of new things I can now do with my arm and hand that I never did before- for example I can now ring the bell of my bike with my left thumb- I never could do that before. When I noticed that I rode my bike in our little village ringing the bell all the time, that was great! So you see, I am fine and still curious. And of course I am doing the lessons of your movement program- mostly in the evening. And besides all those changes in my body, it seems to me, that the right hemisphere of my mind is more active and gives me new, extraordinary ideas. So, I will see what will happen.

Wayne Lowe, Company President

The movements truly relieve the pain in my back and the techniques assist in almost instantly diminishing the pain that comes from prolonged sitting and standing.

E. Sawhill

I love your voice and the way you give directions! I sent away for the complete set.

J. Payne

I’d like you to know that my Grandfather and my Father both had back trouble and were very bent over. My wife and I work out to “Aligning your Body,” and at 81 years of age I am straight as can be. We both enjoyed the tapes and I vowed never to get bent forward like Dad and Grandpa.

J. Larsen, Portland, OR

I had a brain tumor. Following surgery your tapes were a breakthrough for me. The cadence, rhythm and the way you presented ideas caused my movements to flow, and my body to move. Your voice is the ultimate voice on any of the tapes.


I learned a lot about my body and the possibility for further growth. A clicking hip stopped clicking.The time spent with you during our 10-day intensive was profoundly valuable to me in making major strides in the recovery from a low back injury, sustained 2 1/2 years earlier. During those 2 1/2 years before I saw you, I had several FI lessons and did ATM on my own fairly consistently and did experience a slow, gradual healing. Since the time with you, however, the healing and my functional ability has dramatically and consistently improved. I attribute this to 2 primary factors:

1). The subtlety and gentleness of your approach with me greatly enhanced my awareness and

2). The intensive work over a 10-day period allowed me to integrate the enhanced awareness much more than isolated lessons had before. Thank you.

Margaret Moos, San Francisco, CA

These tapes are an exceptional product. Incredible care has been taken all along the line to produce top sound, editing, sound reproduction, etc. The content is highly enjoyable to listen to.

Elaine Hollingsworth

I haven’t had any trouble with my back since I started your tapes two months ago. Before that I was in constant pain.

Vicky Evans

I found that your neck and jaw tape helped me significantly increase my level of comfort after suffering for weeks with mandibular joint disfunction and acute pain in my jaw.

C. Borchers

I am a 40 year-old woman and I am handicapped. I had brain-fever when I was a baby and just a few months old. So nearly during all my lifetime I am disabled. It is a spastic laming in the left part of my body. I cannot turn my arm and my left hand; in total I cannot do much with my left hand. A friend of mine is a Feldenkrais-practitioner. He has got the cassettes of the workshop you held at the conference of the Feldenkrais Guild in 1993 Neuro-Pasticity and the Language of Feldenkrais®. So I heard of your ideas, of your work and your convictions. The first time in my life I can imagine to turn my left hand and that is really new for me, nearly incredible and very fascinating. It vanishes borders I accepted till now. My English is too poor to describe what it really means to me. My friend supports me in change. He gave me the task to imagine myself turning my left hand every day. That is what I am doing and it does change things. Of course I have ATMs as I had before for nearly three years now. I want to do more. In your workshop you were taking about two week terms, in which you are working with people who come to you to do ATMs and FIs. So my question is: Are you still doing this kind of work and can I come to you? I will be happy getting your answer and I am thankful of having heard of your ideas. It makes life different.


My physical therapist lent me her set of your tapes and asked me to try them. I really like them and would like to order my own.

D. Herndon

I have really enjoyed your tapes on ‘Aligning the Body’. Enclosed is my check to cover your series on the ‘Upper Body’ and your tape on ‘Neck & Shoulders’. I am really looking forward to them. Please put me on your mailing list.

M. Rosenbaum

Everything that my medical insurance covered was not any help to me. I had a chronic back pain until I found you. I feel you were a key to my healing.

Elaine Hollingsworth

I haven’t had any trouble with my back since I started your tapes two months ago. Before that I was in constant pain.

G. Coriett

I feel gifted. Your work gives me permission to be and allows me to heal and come together in wholeness. I feel freer because of the experience. Thanks so much.

Tim Sobie

I can’t begin to know how to thank you for the impression you provided toward our neuroplastic understanding of the work. I certainly owe much thanks to your contribution to my developing a certain quality of touch also.


I found the Feldenkrais® and the Focusing worked extremely well together. The freeing up in my body brought up emotional issues about how I restrict myself; the generosity that I offer myself in Feldenkrais® brings up sadness about how seldom I have experienced that in my life.

E. Harvey

Thank you for being so gracious to send the “Feldenkrais® at Home™” set as soon as I phoned. Two massage therapist friends are most impressed with your tapes and the Feldenkrais® Method  so you will probably be hearing more from me in the future.

C.B., Hollywood, CA

I am a singer. I use your Feldenkrais® tapes regularly to increase my breathing capabilities and relax the tensions in my body that would otherwise interfere with my performances.

O. Kopelman

I’m enjoying the “Upper Body” series a lot, as well as the “Your Back and Neck” cassettes. My neck is getting better, and my flexibility and skiing are improving.

K. Burk

I believe you are doing a very important service! Thank you.


Thank you for showing me a way to myself without force and effort. Thank you for helping me learn so much. Thanks to a great teacher!

G. Such, D.C.

I am leaving with useful tools for my personal and professional life.

M. Seelig

I bought ‘Aligning Your Body’. I’m so glad that its so simple. I’m willing to do it when I need it.

S. Nett

Thank you for your work. It is a great gift.


I come away with a new level of commitment to non-harming, and a renewed belief in the power of imagination and effortlessness.

Dolores Ramson, Temecula, CA

My students really enjoy your tapes- Thank you for making them available.

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